Trading Options Course is your Best Option

trading options course

So why should you take an options trading course?

It is highly recommended that you take a trading options course before you begin trying to get involved with options trading.  Options’ trading involves some unique concepts and terms that are different from regular trading that you will need to have a firm handle on or you could lose a lot of money.  However, done right options trading can help you make or protect your investments.  So if you are interested in learning this profitable way to participate in the stock market, here are a few tips on what a good trading options course should teach you and some basic information to get you started.

The Fundamentals

A good coach will start by teaching the fundamentals for whatever sport he is teaching.  In basketball he would teach you the proper way to dribble, pass and how to properly shoot the ball long before teaching you how to run certain plays.  A good trading options course should start out by laying a good foundation for you to build on as well.  After all winning and losing in options trading involves your money.  Here are some basics that a good trading options course should cover the following terminology.

  • What is an option?
  • What are Call options?
  • What are Put options?
  • What are the Greeks of options?

Other Basic Concepts


A good trading options trading should able to demonstrate what those terms mean and give you foundational knowledge on how they will be used for trading options.  Once you have a good grasp on those topics a good trading options course should teach you the following concepts.

  • What are my rights or potential obligations in options trading?
  • What is the best way to close out my positions?
  • How can I calculate and manage risk?
  • What effect will the Greeks have on my positions?
  • What effect does time play on my options?

These basic concepts will help you make and keep money in your pocket.  Only after you have a firm grasp of these basic concepts will a good trading options course move beyond the fundamentals and into the following.

Trading Options Course gives you Trading Strategies


Starting to trade with strategies for trading options without a good foundation from a trading options course would be like teaching you plays when you don’t have a clue how to dribble, pass, or shoot.  It could get pretty ugly.  In basketball you might lose the game but in trading you could lose all your hard earned money.

With options trading you have many different strategies at your disposal and have a good grasp of the fundamentals will guide you in how to execute the right strategies to make you more money.  These following strategies should be a part of your options trading course.

  • Married Put
  • Diagonal Spread
  • Straddle
  • Butterfly
  • Portfolio Management by the Greeks
  • The Secret Key to Adjustments
  • Flipping Stocks
  • Diagonal Backratio Spreads
  • Gamma Scalping
  • Theta Scalping
  • And many more.

Trading Options Course Requirements

The bottom line is that your trading options course should be able to demonstrate how you can make and keep your money while trading options. How you can run your trading ventures like a business. It should teach you to manage your trading by the numbers. It should be able to go beyond just theory and be able to demonstrate how it works in the real world.  Don’t get me wrong, theory is good, but you will need practical knowledge in the real world of trading options.

What is the best options trading course? One that includes the things we just talked about. In my opinion two of the best trading options courses are SmarTrade and Options University. They will teach you what you will need to learn in order to profit from trading options in the stock markets.  Click here for SmarTrade.

Let me close with this challenge. Order a trading options course and learn to trade smart.


Click here for a free set of SmarTrade Introductory Videos covering:

Video 1 Introduction

Video 2  Closing Profits

Video 3  System Overview

Video 4 The 4 Risks

Video 5  Expiration Week

Video 6 Real Trading

Video 7 The Three-legged Box


Click here to Get the full SmarTrade Options Trading Training Course

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